for my own records….

At my work, pregnancy is covered as medical leave, and if you participate in the OPTIONAL short term disability insurance, then you get the medical leave as paid leave. (thankfully, I did sign up for this insurance!)
The medical leave begins either A) when your doctor says it does, or B) 2 weeks before your due date.
The medical leave ends either A) 6 weeks from the date of a ‘normal’ birth B) 8 weeks from the date of a C section, or C) when the doctor says it does in the event of ‘further’ complications.
After the medical (paid) leave, I have the option to take up to 12 weeks unpaid “bonding leave.” The bonding leave is available to either parent.
My boss’ wife just had a baby last month, their first child. He has been wonderful and understanding about my pregnancy, having just gone through it with his wife. He told me that while I would probably be able to work just fine right up until my due date, it would most likely be stressful, and I probably don’t want to do. So, I am going to take somewhere between a week and a week and half of paid vacation before my leave starts.
Currently I am due 8/8, and I plan to start my leave on 7/14 (as my last day) and will be taking the full 12 weeks unpaid time as well. I plan to return around December, assuming my little one comes within a week or so of his due date, and I don’t have “further” complications.


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