Jennifer Mayer and Robert Mayer ‘s Birth Plan
Birth Facility: Chandler Regional

I’d like the following people to be present during labor and/or birth:
• Partner: Robert Mayer
• Relative/s: Mickey Mayer

I’d also like:
• To wear my own clothes during labor and delivery
• To take pictures and/or film during labor and delivery

I’d like the option of returning home if I’m not in active labor.

Once I’m admitted, I’d like:
• My partner to be allowed to stay with me at all times
• Only my practitioner, nurse, and guests present (i.e., no residents, medical students, or other hospital personnel)
• To wear my contact lenses, as long as I don’t need a c-section
• To eat if I wish to
• To stay hydrated by drinking clear fluids instead of having an IV
• To walk and move around as I choose

As long as the baby and I are doing fine, I’d like:
• To have intermittent rather than continuous electronic fetal monitoring.
• To be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits.

If they’re available, I’d like to try:
• A birthing stool
• A birthing chair
• A squatting bar
• A birthing pool/tub

When it’s time to push, I’d like to:
• Be coached on when to push and for how long

I’d like to try the following positions for pushing (and birth):
• Whatever feels right at the time

As long as my baby and I are doing fine, I’d like the pushing stage to be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits

I’d like to try the following pain-management techniques:
• Bath/shower
• Breathing techniques/distraction
• Hot/cold therapy
• Massage

Please don’t offer me pain medication. I’ll request it if I need it.

I’d like:
• To risk a tear rather than have an episiotomy

After birth, I’d like:
• To hold my baby right away, putting off any procedures that aren’t urgent
• To breastfeed as soon as possible

If I have a c-section, I’d like:
• My partner present at all times during the operation
• The baby given to my partner as soon as he’s dried (as long as he’s in good health)
• To breastfeed my baby in the recovery room

After delivery, I’d like:
• All newborn procedures to take place in my presence
• My partner to stay with the baby at all times if I can’t be there
• To stay in a private room
• To have a cot provided for my partner

I plan to:
• Breastfeed exclusively

The following can be offered to my baby:
• Please don’t offer anything to my baby at any point

I’d like my baby fed:
• On demand

I’d like:
• 24-hour rooming-in with my baby

If my baby’s a boy:
• I don’t want him circumcised.

I think i like this one better than the other one. Did I miss anything important?


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