Went to the birth circle last night with aliyna and mommycairenn. It was out of the ordinary. The topic was something along the lines of the affect of sexual abuse on childbirth, which, in all honest, didn’t really interest me all that much. Still, the women there were neat. Almost everyone there was a doula or midwife, and there were only 5 actual pregnant women there, counting myself. One of those women was also a midwife (or something). I was hoping for more preggos. There was one guy there who wants to be a doula, and I mean no offense, because equal opportunity and all that, but I wouldn’t go to a male doula or midwife. Hell, I prefer my OBGYN to be a chick too. I feel more comfortable going to someone who has a uterus when it comes to issues involving my own uterus. I was the only person there currently planning a hospital birth, but the girls there said only good things about Chandler Regional, so I guess I will stay with them.
I think Bobby and I may have an argument about a few things involving the birth though.
After the circle, aliyna, mommycairenn, and I hit Denny’s for dessert. I had a yummy milkshake, and we hung out and talked for a bit. It was nice to talk to some other pregnant women, and both girls are due about 1-2 weeks ahead of me.
I ran aliyna home afterwards, she lives out near where our gym is, only about 10 minutes from where we are building our house. This is neat, once we get moved out there, but it was a long ride home at 11pm last night. I am absolutely dead today. I just want to go back to bed and sleep. Getting up this morning was awful. I really wasn’t sure I could do it. Lan has just sapped all my strength and stamina when it comes to staying up late. I think pregnant women need to get a -2 strength, -2 dex and a -4 stamina, then a plus 2 charisma and some sort of “rage ability” where when in danger they get awesome bonuses to protect their unborn. Great. I’m so tired I’m making up D20 rules now.
What else did I want to mention…. Bobby and I watched Final Fantasy Advent Children on Tuesday. It was very pretty. If you didn’t play FF7, you will probably be lost. They have a brief thing that will help explain though on the DVD. I thought that the movie would have been better with a little more action from the ‘whole gang’ and less Cloud-centric. Also, maybe a little less fighting and a little more dialog.
Weds, we went to the plumbing store and picked out our fixtures. I am getting the most awesome tub ever. The store had all the tubs on display, and I was encouraged to kick off my shoes and climb into them and try them out. The tub I got has air jets and is perfect for taking a hot bubble bath in while reading a steamy book. I can’t wait to have it installed. The fixtures are all brushed nickel and look very nice.
My brain is shutting down due to lack of sleep. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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