Yesterday I got home and Bobby wasn’t home, so I went back out and got milk and some other things at the store. Now I know pregnancy makes you bigger, and I know that I still have plenty of belly growing to do, but I am really starting to get rather awkward. I put my groceries in the cart. When Bobby and I go together, he usually prefers self check. If I am getting one or two items, I’ll go self check too. But call me old fashioned, I really do prefer that if I have enough items to warrant a buggy, that someone else check and bag me.
So got into those cursed narrow isle to checkout, and moved in front of my buggy to load everything from it onto the conveyor. This was mildly annoying due to bending in the middle, but by no means difficult. From there I then went to move back behind the cart, so I could push it in front of me to get it loaded up with my checked groceries. Normally I just shimmy right past it, but I just DIDN’T fit! And of course, there is a person behind me, annoyed that they had to back up six inches so I could push the cart out of my way and get back behind it. Belly was just in the way. Made me wonder how the very overweight manage to even fit down that narrow isle.
After that, went home. Mickey (MIL) called. She went down to our property, and the second story is on. She said that the house is really coming along, and the views from our bedroom are amazing. I can’t wait to go and see this weekend. Don’t worry, there will be more pictures.
The only other thing of interest happened when I went to bed last night. I was having a night where I couldn’t get comfy. These nights are increasing in frequency. Basically I need to sleep on my side, but my shoulders get stiff and sore when I do. I normally sleep curled around my body pillow on my left side, and was attempting to do this, when Lan started kicking. Now, up until last night, every time he “kicks” I get happy. I love to feel him move about. It isn’t strong enough to really keep me awake or bother me in anyway. It’s just so darned cute!
But last night, he did something new. I don’t know what it was, but it felt like a snake in my belly! It gave me the creeps and made me sit up fast. Lan didn’t even seem phased by this, and I have no idea what it was he did. But it was weird and gave me the weebie-jeebies. After that, there was more tossing and turning, and finally Bobby suggested we switch bed sides for the night, so I could lay facing outward around my body pillow, only on my right side, giving my left a break for the night. It was wonderful! I slept very well last night, only this morning now both my left and right shoulders hurt, so tonight could be interesting indeed.
Anyway, so you can see that I am getting bigger, although still not huge, here is a picture I took last night:


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