Ugh and blargh.
Its gonna be a hella long day.
I feel like I’ve been at work for hours, and its not even been two full hours yet. My head hurts, my tummy hates me. Just general feeling ickyness.
And that stupid guy who reeks of smoke is at his desk today. How is it that three people who sit in my row smoke, yet only one reeks of it? The other two (one of which is a chain smoker when she can get away from her desk) I can sit in their cube and not even know they are smokers, but this creep who sits across the hall from me reeks from his desk to mine. It always makes my head hurt and my throat itch. Luckily he’s only at his desk for a few hours a week, if that. Otherwise I would have complained by now to get either him or me moved further apart.
Ever have a day where, even though you know from an intellectual standpoint that things are going well, that you just feel like giving up and curling up in a ball and crying?
Yesterday I felt mostly fine, and this past weekend was great. Today? Just icky in every way. Maybe its just the hormones and the headache and the tummy ache that causes it.
Either way, I just want today to be over with. I don’t have any drive left today to actually work. I just don’t care.


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