happy birthday daddy

Now that the weekend update is done, wanted to take a moment to talk about today’s date.
It’s my dad’s birthday. My father passed away in August of 2001. The day is always a little harder than most, I don’t mark the day he died. I know it was end of August, but it just didn’t seem important to track. I don’t even usually think on it in August.
But Easter, oddly, always brings up memories. Dad hated it when Easter was after his birthday. His busy season always started when the snowbirds showed up, and went on until Easter. After Easter, things got slower, and he could take extra time off. So if his birthday was after Easter, he could take it off and enjoy it.
Dad worked too hard. It’s part of why he died young. He had high blood pressure due to stress, lack of exercise, and bad eating habits. The blood pressure is what caused the death, overall. It’s one of the main reasons Bobby’s blood pressure is stressing me out.
My dad was a great man. He gave me lots of love and wonderful memories. He took awesome care of the family, and always made sure we never wanted for anything.
And I miss him. I’m upset that Lan will never know him, and that Dad will never hold his grandbaby in his arms. Lan is dad’s first grandchild. Landon will have the middle name David, so he will always at least know his grandpa’s name, even though he’ll never meet him.
I think I’ll always be sad that they’ll never know each other.
I really do miss him.
I recently found a baby picture of my dad, and when I get home from work, I think I’ll post it, just so you can see what a cute baby he was. I can’t help but wonder how much Landon will look like him.


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