Oh dear.
I’ve been crying at work again. Stupid LJ. I’m in a bunch of pregnancy communities, and as many readers know, women lose babies sometimes. It happens in the 1st trimester a lot. There was about one a week between the July and August community for a while. And I felt sad. Every time it happened, I thought about how bad I felt for that person, I prayed it didn’t happen to me.
Someone in the July community just lost their baby. She didn’t go into details. She had to be at least 23 or 24 weeks along, possibly as much as 27 or 28.
And I just lost it. The idea of going this long, of having the little one move and kick, of the fact that I started PLANNING on being a mom. The fact that he’s a person to me now, a strange, unseen but very much felt member of the family, and then to loose him, to have him gone.
I don’t even have the words………
So even though I don’t know her, or her story, or read her LJ, please, moment of silence, or respect, or prayer, or whatever it is you do, for scribegirl and her family.


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