I think I’m in love.
Let me clarify.
Biology seems to lean to the fact that a fetus isn’t a person until a certain point in development. That point has not yet been determined. There is a point, where a the tiny ball of cells becomes a living thinking creature. I’d arbitrarily say that, since we don’t know when that point is, I personally feel that its at some point after the first trimester.
Now mind you, feeling the way I do, and given risks of miscarriage and such in the first trimester, I didn’t really feel like I had a “person” in there. “It” was just a weird growth in my belly, not something that was a child, not something that it made any sense to “love”. Don’t get me wrong, I want a baby, and I love the idea of a baby. But what was in me, wasn’t a baby yet.
Today, at lunch, I finished eating about 20 minutes into my hour, and decided to curl up in an armchair in the lunch room and read.
Apparently Lan thought lunch was EXTRA TASTY. He was bouncing around for the whole time. In fact, he’s still rather active, even though I’m back at my desk.
And I am sitting curled up, shoes tucked under the chair, jacket covering my lap (and bare feet, this is the café at work, after all), reading a rather good book, and I’m so cozy. And Lan kicking me? Just a cute little tickles. Adorable little amazing miracle tickles.
There’s a person in my belly now. And I’m falling in love.
Isn’t life amazing?


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