It’s a baby!
Seriously, Bobby and I are going to have a SON!!!
I knew it was a boy 🙂
Here are the pictures
Profile shot

He’s look at me!

My little man

It was so cute, he raised his arm and flexed, and we could see the muscles. The woman with the camera missed the actual muscle shot, but his arm is still cute!

The appointment went well. I drank all 33 oz of water, around 3:50, and by about 4:15 I felt like I should pee. By about 4:30, it was no longer just a tickle of I could go, but an all out, get out of my way. At 4:30, I made hubby take me to the doctor, even though we could have hung out at home for another 10 minutes. When we got there I signed in, and it was bad enough to be slightly painful. MIL called to say she was in the parking lot at about 4:55, so hubby went to go show her which office we were in. Of course, as soon as he walks out of the room, I get called back. I panicked for a minute, but the nice lady assured me that she had to take a ton of pictures for the doctor before she could take any or tell me what was going on, so just be patient and that hubby wouldn’t miss anything, and told the receptionist to send them back to our room.
I got on the table, and just had to raise my shirt up and push my pants down enough to show all of my belly. I didn’t have to strip or change or anything, which was nice.
The appt was for a half hour, and the 1st fifteen minutes of it, the U/S lady was silent, taking pictures, with the screen at an angle I couldn’t really see comfortably. I had my head up and cocked at an odd angle to watch what she was doing. MIL and Hubby came in and could see just fine from where they were standing.
I was starting to wonder if this was the same tech that did my early scan, because that tech had been bubbly and talkative, and this woman was so silent!
Once she was done with the doctor’s shots though, she opened right up. She turned the screen so I could see, and started to tell us all about it. Baby was laying with his head under my belly button, and was sitting on his feet! He was curled up facing my back, so I was really worried that we wouldn’t get to see! She started bumping and thumping on my belly to get baby to cooperate, and while she was doing that, his little weenie popped up and down! She eventually got him to roll to his side, and we got a good shot of his little boy parts. I asked how sure she was, and she said she would stake her job on it, because it was such a clear shot!
Baby looks fine and healthy, He has four fingers and a thumb on each hand, we saw him shake his fist, flex his muscles, make the peace sign, and roll over. I never got a real good look at his toes, I’ll have to ask if my honey saw them, but this was because baby was sitting on his feet, just like his mom prefers to sit!
We brought a VHS tape and got it on film, now I just need to hook up the VCR at home so I can watch it.
After the scan, I met with the nurse, and had my “belly check.” I am currently planning a hospital birth, and was sad to find out that I will have to have an IV put in as part of hospital policy. I really didn’t want one, but oh well.
Anyway, Nurse asked me if we got a gender, and I told her it was a boy, and she said that was odd, because she checked the female box. So nurse got out the doctors pictures (which were taken before my pictures and we were told the gender) and there is a shot of my baby’s bum, where you can see his testicles, so the U/S lady knew it was a boy when I was worried we wouldn’t be able to tell due to his position.
Anyway, nurse asked the U/S lady, and she confirmed she just checked the wrong box.
My weight has stabilized, so I was told not to worry about it anymore, and that expect to put on some more weight now for my growing boy. Currently we are not planning on circumcising our little man.
Snakes and Snails and Puppy dog tails!!!!
AND WE NEED A BOYS NAME!!! Right now our top to choices are Landon David and Xanth Isaac, please suggest away!
This week inside Jen:
How your baby’s growing: Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces, and he measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the length of a small zucchini. His arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of his body now. His kidneys continue to make urine, and the hair on his scalp is sprouting. This is a crucial time for sensory development: Your baby’s brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch
(according to the U/S, he was 15 centimeters or 5.9 inches)
After that we went to VooDoo daddy’s to celebrate. Our house is coming along fine, final foundation should be poured on next Tuesday, one week from today. The stem walls were already poured, and the basic plumbing (in the foundation) should be done this weekend.
Here is the picture from the lot on Sunday, and a shinning example of why I love AZ. This will be our view from our balcony, only this was taken from the ground, not up a story

And here is one of my nephews snowman that they built on Sunday

If you click on any of the pictures, you should be taken to a larger version of it.


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