So…. I went off my birth control a few weeks ago. I don’t quite think we fall into ‘actively trying’ at this point, based on everything I have read. We’re still in the ‘go with the flow, see if it happens’ stage.
I have this headache that won’t go away. I really want to take some Aleve. I miss my Aleve. And for the record, I don’t like the Veggies I am making myself eat!

We still haven’t closed yet. Heck, we haven’t signed anything yet! They said maybe this afternoon. I’m guessing Monday. So we can’t start work on it until Weds. (cause once you sign it normally takes a day or two to close)

Plan to help gilbertman move. So he won’t be Gilbert any more, he should change his handle to “Phoenixman” or something. Well, rename tokens are only $15.

Beyond that, it has come to my attention that my birthday list is missing some key people. So basically, PLEASE, leave your birthday as a comment. This post is friends only!